Sunday, June 21, 2009

house projects

as most of you already know I've been renovating a house for a while. My focused turned to the landscaping this season. I have been planting all sorts of flowers almost every weekend since late march.

I've been also planning to add a patio section just off one of the flower beds. I positioned it where water would collect after a good rain. I wasn't able to grow grass so I figured it was a good solution.

While doing my research on how to go about this I spoke to Sean, a work buddy, about the project. Sean grew up helping his dad with all sorts of landscaping projects. Sean gave me some really good direction and offered to help on some of his days off. Of course I jumped on that.

So this Friday I got up super early and started. In addition to the patio I was spreading my mulch on my large flower beds. I started spreading at 6:30 am. Sean arrived at 8am. We worked like dogs in really hot weather. it was at least 95 all day. We finished digging out the spot for the patio and the trench for the drainage.

On Saturday Adam jumped in to help. We moved almost 5 ton of material to complete the patio. Take a look.

I huge thank you to Sean and Adam for all your help. Can't wait to seat out there and have a cold beer with you both