Thursday, April 1, 2010

the unexpected

It always seems like some of the best moments in life are those that are unexpected. I love those moments and they are always welcome.

Adam and I attended the Crawfish Festival at the Park Tavern this past Sat.
I had purchased the tickets early b/c a friend was playing as one of the opening bands. Originally we were planning to not stay long. Maybe a few hours total to support him. However, I had known all along that Cowboy Mouth was going to be playing but wasn't sure if Adam would be up for hanging out to watch them. I've been a fan since college (thanks Ziff) and have seen them before. They put on a great show and really give the crowd high engery.

We arrived about 1:30pm just an hour or so before Life & Limb was schedule to go on.
It was a beautiful day outside and a bunch of our friends were there. Life & Limb had the best set that I have seen to date, seriously it was really good. More friends showed up and then the beers started to come out.

Needless to say we did stay and had the best time. There must have been a pack of 15 of us. Cowboy mouth played an awesome show, even Adam enjoyed it.
We were both surprised at the amount of fun we had that day. Here are a few pictures