Monday, March 1, 2010

Say "YES" to the dress

What every girls grows up thinking about, the wedding dress. I'm not one of these girls that puts on the first or second dress and knows. I have to try them all before making my decision. I mean, what if there were a better one out there, can't have that. I'm pretty sure that I've tried on almost every dress in Atlanta and some in Toronto.

From the start I was looking for something different. I've seen a lot of the same style and shaped dresses out there. I found it difficult to explain to the consultants what I was looking for. I was open to different neck line, beading, shape, cut, designers and color. I just really wanted something different and that was unforgettable. I stayed open to try lace, silk, satin and taffeta.

When I finally had several number 1,2 and 3 dresses my mom flew in. We spent the weekend running all over Atlanta to try on bridal dresses. We started with the current #1 dress so she knew how to judge all others. That dress quickly became #2. and then #3. Needless to say I ended up picking a completely different dress then the first round trials. I wish I could post a picture and share it with you but.....just like Adam, you'll have to wait until 10.16.10

on to the next task