Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

This is the first year that I have been able to watch an entire season of So You Think You Can Dance, mostly due to our new DVR. I have to say the talent on the show this season was really good. I also really like the format of the show. They narrow down to the top 20. They partner up for several dances until they get to smaller numbers. Then they flip flop partners (which I can imagine is so difficult).

If I could change one part it would be how they are selected to go home. America calls in to vote. Seriously who are these people that actually call. I've never met anyone that has called before or admitted to calling. anyway, most of the time I agree with the decision however this year Evan stayed WAY to long. They sent home some really amazing dancers before him, I don't get it. I kept saying, this is the week he's going home, this is the week, this HAS to be the week. It ended up he was in the top 4. Confirming that is show is a huge popularity contest. I really thought Kayla should have won. Here are a few of my favorite performances.

Although to be honest I didn't hear many of the judges comments b/c Adam can't stand the sound of Mary Murphy's voice. and the screaming, for the love...If you watch the videos below you'll know what Im talking about.

sorry folks the video were taken off you tube.