Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween 2008

As we approach one of my favorite holidays I'm starting to get really excited. I thought I would reflect on last year. It was the first annual Halloween party at my house. I wanted to really go all out so with a lot of internet research and planning I decorated the house to the max. Lots of fake blood and guts. It was a secret to everyone, even Adam. Here are a few picture to get you warmed up for Halloween 2009. Adam and I have been working hard to try and top last year We'll see.

look away if you have a weak stomach. No animals or babies were hurt during the making of this party.

Monday, October 5, 2009

4th annual pumpkin carving

Adam's artwork

my artwork

hey folks, last Sunday night was the 4th annual pumpkin carving. This started out at the condo with the original members, Laura, Savannah and I. It has since grown to Adam, Chad and Landon. they have come twice now and there are always the occasional boyfriends or girlfriend who join in. This year we had 7 total.

First you must select your pattern and the carving begins. Gutting the pumpkin is always the worst part. Clearing out all the seeds and guts takes time but done well will help during carving very detailed pictures. I'm always responsible for washing the seeds and roasting them. This year we made 2 batches. one sweet and one spicy.

One by one the pumpkin are finished and get placed outside. We wait until dark and then light the candles. It's always surprising how much better they look lite up.
after we check them out for a while we each vote. Laura's cat was the winning pumpkin this year. Although hard to see in the pictures, the cat was very detailed. there were many opporunities for something to break. Nice job lala.